04 Dec 11 at 10 pm

30-Day Video Challenge

day 1: introduce yourself!
day 2: whats in your purse/wallet?
day 3: say five things that begin with the first letter of your name.
day 4: tour of your bedroom/house.
day 5: what did you do today?
day 6: list of the five favourite things you own.
day 7: what do you like to do in your spare time?
day 8: go to your refrigerator and pick out 5 things you don’t like.
day 9: what you are wearing today.
day 10: your cellphone. 
day 11: give ten random facts about yourself.
day 12: talk about your favourite tv show.
day 13: your favourite songs.
day 14: favourite drink, food, number, colour.
day 15: make a short informative film about something.
day 16: talk about your favorite movie.
day 17: show off a talent.
day 18: talk about your best friend
day 19: tell us about your favourite band/artist.
day 20: views on love and relationships.
day 21: make a music video.
day 22: show us your wardrobe.
day 23: video a journey.
day 24: discuss your day.
day 25: give your opinion on three topics of your choice.
day 26: tell us three things you like about yourself and three thing you don’t.
day 27: cook something and eat it.
day 28: give us a tour of your tumblr page.
day 29: introduce us to your pets. if you don’t have pets, tell us about your dream pet or imaginary friend.
day 30:  do a celebratory dance for finishing the challenge.

I am doing this here, on my lyrics/edit blog, which has a whopping 20 followers, as opposed to my personal blog, for… reasons. That is all.